Technical, Operational & Commercially Integrated Advice

Advice on all aspects of curtain wall/cladding including the critical overview of operational functions as well as the technical and engineering evaluation. Insight that enables the identification at an early stage of problems with companies and their supply chain from a point of view of resource, commitment and ability to deliver the project requirements. Supplementing the project with 'joined up' operational, commercial, technical and engineering expertise over and above that of the subcontractor in question and the remit of the principal contractor.

Providing an experienced insight into the risks and potential savings for an organisation undertaking work in façades, such as:

  • Cost analysis for the procurement of curtain wall
  • Budget m2 rates
  • Individual component cost
  • Component Procurement
  • Manufacture, Assembly and Delivery
  • Prelim Evaluation including set up methodology access, hoisting installation
  • Programme Implications
  • Cash flow and credit capability of a company to meet commitments

Cost savings and liabilities are not always apparent to even the most experienced commercial manager when managing the costs of specialist cladding work. Our experience can anticipate most eventualities.