Expert Witness / Legal Support

Expert Witness

Since forming Oculus Facade Consultancy Ltd. John Boucher has acted as Expert Witness on a number of cases and these are listed under Litigation.

Dispute Resolution/Contractual Issues

Oculus has acted on behalf of clients in trouble shooting and dispute resolution from pre action protocol dialogue to Adjudication & Arbitration. The nature of disputes includes cost, technical, design, planning, methodological and logistical issues. Disputes of varying magnitude and diversity with consultants, architects, principle contractors and clients upstream in the supply chain as well as subcontractors and suppliers downstream.

Insolvency issues

Oculus has successfully managed and provided support for clients who have been in contract with curtain wall/cladding companies that have become insolvent and provided support to ensure that they respective project could be completed on time and in full with minimal disruption.

  • Provision on Pre and Post insolvency advice as well as research into the likelihood of and potential for insolvency of curtain wall/cladding companies.
  • Pre-emptive advice and post insolvency advice to facilitate the completion of projects.

General Legal Support

Other areas of legal support involve dilapidations, due diligence, conditions surveys, diagnosis and testing.